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The A in the center of the flag stands for the word ally and features the six colors of the rainbow pride flag. The black and white stripes in the background represent heterosexual and/or.. The Cisgender flag has 2 primary colors, which are grey and grey. The table below has the common and popular codes of these colors in HEX, RGB and CMYK formats along with Pantone (PMS), RAL and NCS (Natural Color System) Personally the best I have seen is the Strait Cisgender Pride Flag. The flag represents cis-males in blue and cis-females in pink, and heterosexual love between them is represented with the heart shape. However, rather than pride flags, the flags that are almost always used and presented are protest flags to oppose LGBT rights The cisgender flag by FlagsforCisHets. An alternate cis pride flag. Another alternative cisgender flag. Cisgender (often shorted to cis) is a term that refers to anyone whose gender identity aligns with their sex assigned at birth An image circulating on social media lately shows a recugender flag. According to the caption, to be recugender is to identify with your birth gender but refuse to be cis. The term comes..

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  1. Hi, Cis white person here, Black and white is awesome. Boring, yes. but, we don't need any flags when you think about it. but if we would add a little colors to the flag, maybe a little red? i dont know. why do heterosexual only have black and white though? can anyone explain this to me please if you can
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  3. 5-striped xenogender flag. The xenogender flag was created on January 15, 2017 by DeviantArt user Pastelmemer. The central symbol is the astronomical sign for the asteroid Iris, a Greek goddess of rainbows. The colors chosen are common colors present in iris flowers. The central stripe is yellow, a common non-binary color
  4. Cisgender (sometimes cissexual, or shortened to cis) describes a person whose gender identity matches their sex assigned at birth. The word cisgender is the antonym of transgender . [2] [3] The prefix cis- is not an acronym or abbreviation of another word; it is derived from Latin meaning on this side of
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Identity Description Someone whose gender identity aligns with their gender assigned at birth. Info: The flag was originally intended as an alternative version for the heterosexual flag but later turned into the cisgender flag. It's an alteration based on the bisexual flag Cisgender is being the same gender/sex as what you were born with (Male/Female). Heterosexual is who you like (Male liking Females, Males liking Males, Females liking Females, etc.) The Heterosexual flag is actually a series of black and white lines (At least I think it is) Pride flags are a diverse set of flags that are used for representing a gender or sexual identity that is fully part of the LGBT community. Pride flags are often carried out at pride parades and other visibility events to show identification or support for a particular gender identity or sexuality. They may also be combined with gender symbols. Read on to learn about the different flags in the trans, nonbinary, and genderqueer community Asteri completed the design of the flag with two triangles drawn on the foreground of the stripes. One triangle is magenta and is rendered to the left, slightly above, and slightly behind the other triangle. The triangle on the right is black Cisgender is generally regarded as the opposite of transgender. There are many designs for a cisgender flag. they typically involve the two traditional stereotypical colors of pink and blue signifying female and male, respectively. The colors displayed on this page are not approved and are only to illustrate as example

The flag is comprised of a golden yellow field, with a purple circle emblem. The colours and circle don't just avoid referencing gender stereotypes, like the colours pink and blue, they seek to completely avoid use of symbols that have anything to do with gender at all The 6-Color Pride Flag is one of the most well-known and used LGBT flags throughout history. This flag includes the colors red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, and violet on it. Hot pink wasn´t included in the fabrication of these flags, because the fabric was hard to find Straight ally pride flag Believed to date from the late 2000s, the straight ally pride flag celebrates all straight and cisgender people who are proud allies of the LGBTQ+ community Cisgender has its origin in the Latin-derived prefix cis-, meaning 'on this side of', which is the opposite of trans-, meaning 'across from' or 'on the other side of'. What is the asexual flag? Asexual Pride Flag The flag consists of four horizontal stripes: black, grey, white, and purple from top to bottom

A rainbow flag sports the female symbol. gaelx/Flickr (CC-BY-SA) Cisgender women still face misogyny for being women, especially if they're women of color, and Black cisgender men still face. Flag [] The cisgender flag was created by DeviantArt user FlagsforCisHets on April 4, 2016. No additional information is given about the flag. Two other flags were created on the same day by the same user. The pink and blue flag is said to have been created as a heterosexual flag by Arianod. However, it was posted with the title Straight/Cisgender flag

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Transgender Flag emoji is the image of the flag used by people who are Transgender. Text this emoji proudly to people to express your content in discovering who you are. You may also use this flag if you are about to undergo a sex change procedure to be in the body that you rightfully feel you belong in. Send it with the ‍⚕️ ️Man. Cisgender (pronounced sis-gender): A term used to refer to an individual whose gender identity aligns with the one associated with the sex assigned to them at birth. The prefix cis- comes from the Latin word for on the same side as. People who are both cisgender and heterosexual are sometimes referred to as cishet (pronounced cis-het. 3. Ally Flag An ally, straight ally, or heterosexual ally is a heterosexual and/or cisgender person who supports marginalized groups in society. This flag allows allies to physically show allyship in support of the LGBTQ+ community. If you are an ally, we encourage you to help us in pursuit for normalizing cisgender allyship Ally Pride Flag. Ally: People who aren't a part of the LGBTQA+ community, but do support them. History: The Ally flag was created sometime in the late 2000's, but the specific origin is unknown. Straight allies are heterosexual and/or cisgender people who support equal civil rights, gender equality, LGBTQA+ social movements, and challenges homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, and any.

The flag contains a rainbow 'A' on a black and white background. The letter 'A' represents allies, while the rainbow colours represent the LGBTQ+ community and the black and white bars represent heterosexual or cisgender people. PRIDE: What does the Progress Pride flag mean There has been much debate over what the lesbian flag should be. Some of the most commonly used are edited versions of the lipstick lesbian flag (see below) and the labrys lesbian flag, however many other flags have been put forward. This flag used to be commonly used as the lesbian flag, and is used mainly by cisgender lesbians. It is no longer used commonly today due to its transphobic and.

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SLGBTQ is a CWC-ism variant of the more common acronym LGBTQ, an acronym for les bian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer. Chris coined his variant on the term sometime in April or May 2017 but did not explain the reasoning behind his alteration until a Facebook post on 21 May 2017.He has since used the term consistently in contexts where most people would use the more conventional acronym. A heterosexual and/or cisgender person who supports equal civil rights, gender equality, and LGBTQ social movements, and challenges homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia. So whatever you associate with, we hope you leave the month into the rest of the year with more awareness and an open heart to the different associations and communities. Although the precise origin of the Ally Pride Flag is unknown, it was created sometime in the late 2000s as a symbol of the heterosexual and/or cisgender people who actively support LGBTQ individuals 1. L is for Lesbian and G is for Gay. The most recognizable letters of the entire acronym, L (Lesbian) and G (Gay), represent the homosexual people of the LGBTQ+ community. Homosexuality is defined as being exclusively sexually attracted to members of the same sex. Again, although the rainbow Pride flag is easily the most iconic and. What is the super straight movement flag? It's a trend that started on TikTok, whereby people declare that they are super straight - attracted only to cisgender men or women

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Monica Helms, a trans woman, designed this flag in 1999, and it was first flown at a Pride Parade in Phoenix a year later. The light blue is the traditional color for baby boys, pink is for. Flag Description. A Pride flag refers to a flag that represents any segment of the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) community. The most recognizable is the Rainbow flag. The LGBTQ community generally celebrates pride, diversity, individuality, and sexuality. The rainbow flag features six horizontal stripes in bright colors from top to bottom: red, orange, yellow, green, blue. The colors each symbolize a different subgroup of people who identify as nonbinary. 1. Yellow signifies something on its own or people who identify outside of the cisgender binary of male or female.. 2. White, a color that consists of all colors mixed together, stands for multigender people. 3. Purple, similar to the lavender color in the genderqueer flag, represents people who identify as a. They are against all forms of discrimination, including homophobia, transphobia, and biphobia. The black and white stripes on the flag represent heterosexual or cisgender people, while the rainbow colors in the chevron represent the LGBTQ community. The A shape of the chevron stands for allies. 22. Two-Spirit Pride Flag High quality Cisgender-inspired gifts and merchandise. T-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more, designed and sold by independent artists around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours

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Cisgender flag I saw in a Discord emoji picker. Close. Vote. Posted by 29 minutes ago. Cisgender flag I saw in a Discord emoji picker. 2 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. level 1. 4 points · 6 minutes ago Simple but powerful. This flag represents the allies who support the LGBTQ+ community. Not only that but this flag makes everyone feel included, especially at Pride marches, when allies celebrate other people's sexualities. Black and white: straight and cisgender people; Colored stripes: LGBTQ+ community; 22. Leather, Latex, & BDSM Flag

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  1. Cisgender is a word used to describe gender identity. Straight, on the other hand, is used to describe sexual orientation. Being cisgender isn't the same thing as being straight, but they can.
  2. Gay rainbow flag pilloried as 'outdated emblem favored by white, cisgender queer people' Looking at the sub-article about all the various flags and what they represent made me think of the sample paint chip display at the local paint store. 0. Reply. fritz 22 days ag
  3. Guess that LGBTQ flag - Test. Just a fun quiz of guessing the labels for the LGBTQ flags. Flags may vary.. Published December 21, 2015. December 21, 2015 · 718 takers. Just For Fun Fun Flags Lgbt Lgbtq Guess Flag
  4. シスジェンダー(しすじぇんだー). 生まれながらに与えられた性に何の違和感もない人のことを指します。. この言葉の反対の意味で使われるのがトランスジェンダーです。. トランスジェンダーは、生まれた時に与えられた性に違和感を感じている人の.
  5. Cisgender is a label that is used to indicate that the person labelled identifies with the gender they were designated at birth.It is a neologism coined as a counterpart (or antonym) to transgender, and its first documented usage was on the Internet in 1994.Cisgender is a more precise term than gender-normative, i.e., the claim that someone has a normal gender for their assigned sex, as.

1. 32. This is the easiest one! I'll try to go in order of most known, to least known. Good luck! Which flag is this? Gender non-conforming. Neon Lesbian The cisgender adult is holding the child in a baby carrier. The couple is holding hands and smiling. cisgender stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images X for the third gender category closeup of a young caucasian person about to mark on the X in a form with the letters M for male, F for female and X for the third gender category cisgender.

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  1. ant belief that heterosexuality is the norm. In other words, it's the belief that sexual and romantic relationships must be between a man and a woman
  2. ☁️ A cisgender boy/man who only wants a part of h genitals altered, a part of his chest altered, or a partial horomonal alteration, enter in the category ''Sine-Partial. Here the flag: Alternative flag
  3. Cisgender people identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. It is often shortened to cis, which comes from the Latin prefix meaning on the same side of. Cisgender should be used instead of inaccurate terms like 'bio/logical,' 'genetic,' 'natal,' 'real,' or 'born' when referring to people's genders
  4. Cisgender: The term cisgender, sometimes shortened to cis, means someone's gender identity is the same as their sex as assigned at birth. According to Merriam-Webster,.

The ally flag has sparked some debate among TikTok commenters, some of whom have taken issue with it over the idea that it centers straight and cisgender people. As John explained in a follow-up TikTok, the black and white bars represent the heterosexual and cisgender community, the allies...and of course the rainbow colors in the 'A. Look for some of the symbols that can tell you about who is there — the trans pride flag and the bi pride flag. 5. Use your voice of privilege to amplify the voices of others. Continue to be an active supporter after Pride month ends. As a straight, cisgender person, don't engage in merely performative allyship Girlfag. Girlfags, auch: Schwule Frauen sind (mehr oder weniger weiblich identifizierte) Personen mit schwulem Begehren. Viele Girlfags sehen sich auf die eine oder andere Weise als schwuler Mann im Körper einer Frau. Sie können allerdings außer auf schwule/ bisexuelle/ queere Männer, auch auf andere Typen von Menschen und.

There are 5 colors in this flag. These are Wageningen Green (#3AA63F), Pistachio (#A8D47A), White (#FFFFFF), X11 Dark Gray (#AAAAAA) and Black (#000000).. This color combination was created by user Manish.The Hex, RGB and CMYK codes are in the table below. Note: English language names are approximate equivalents of the hexadecimal color codes 시스젠더(Cisgender) 플루이드플럭스(걸) (Fluidflux(Girl)) 그레이젠더/그레이 에이젠더(Graygender/Gray Agender) MOGAI Pride-Flag 위키는 팬덤의 생활 커뮤니티입니다. 모바일 버전으로 보기 FandomShop Newsletter Join Fan Lab. Sarah, 28, is a cisgender woman who identifies as bisexual, and she'll date trans men, cis and trans women, and gender nonconforming folks, but never a cisgender man. She's a perfect example. 'Cisgender' entered Britain's Oxford English Dictionary in 2015, and the USA's Merriam Webster Dictionary in 2016. Both dictionaries document its first usage around 1994. Dana Leland Defosse, a biologist at the University of Minnesota, seems to have first used the word in connection with a study on transphobia, in May 1994

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시스젠더(가끔 시스섹슈얼로 불리고, 대개 그냥 시스로 축약됨)는 성 정체성이 자신의 지정성별과 일치하는 사람들을 위한 용어이다. 예를 들어, 자신을 여성으로 정체화하고 지정성별이 여성인 사람은 시스젠더 여성이다. 용어 시스젠더는 용어 트랜스젠더의 반의어이다 After qualifying for her second Games, Berry turned away from the flag while The Star-Spangled Banner played during the medal ceremony and draped a T-shirt with words activist athlete over her. Sex identity, non-binary, gender fluid, cisgender? 2021-08-27 15:02:46 no matter what it's all and how big it is, has a symbol that is namely a flag. For example, the Esperanto speakers also have. 2021-08-26 19:01:56.

Cisgender. gender identity and/or expression aligns with the sex assigned at birth. Demigirl/Demiwoman etc Flag. Transmasculine. A term used to describe the gender of someone assigned female at birth, who has a gender identity more male-oriented. Transmasculine Flag. Transfeminine Including queer and trans parents doesn't erase straight, cisgender ones, say LGBT+ birth workers . August 20, 2021, Blog, Latest News, A group of queer birth workers have come together to address recent discussions of trans issues within the world of pregnancy and birth

Morgin Dupont, 25, a woman of trans experience, holds up the flag for Transgender and Gender Noncomforming people at a rally for LGBTQI+ rights at Washington Square Park. (Yana Paskova/Getty Images) The International Olympic Committee started to allow trans athletes to compete in 2004 Compared to cisgender athletes, trans athletes face. Cisgender Heterosexual Men are Obselete: a poem. | FemaleDatingStrategy. thefemaledatingstrategy.com. 11; Votes; Copy link; Repor Cisgender Nonbinary Pride Flag A cis* folket can be nonbinary in the sense that they identify with their AGAB in some way, for example someone who is AMAB man or AFAB woman but ey is not binary (midbinary), or usually someone who didn't passed through any form of transition (social or medical) but eir identity is diverse/divergent and variant To upload the Cisgender_flag_heart emoji to your Discord server follow these simple steps. Navigate to your server settings and proceed to click the emoji tab, you will notice a purple button that says upload emoji. Click this button and select the emoji that you just downloaded from this website. The emoji should now be available for use in your server

The non-binary flag only has four colors, and each is meant to symbolize a group within the realm of being non-binary. The yellow stands for those who don't identify as cisgender, white signifies multigender, lavender is — as in many flags — representative of a combination of pink and blue — and black is an absence of gender There are lots of flags to represent a range of kinks which include LGBT+ people but also include cisgender heterosexuals. Of these, the Rubber Pride Flag is one of the most popular and well. Wikimedia Commons. The Lesbian flag, this flag represents those who refer to themselves as lesbians regardless of whether they are cisgender or a non-gender-conforming person Here are the 16 sexuality flags and what each flag represents. 1. Asexual Pride Flag. Photo: Save Nature and Wildlife / Shutterstock. Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to others or low.

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See the flag here. C. CISGENDER. adjective. Someone who is the gender they were assigned, or aligns with the gender expected of their sex. Coined in 1991. D. DEMIBOY. adjective or noun. Someone whose gender may be partially, mostly, or sometimes a boy (or man/guy/etc.). See the flag here. See also: Agender, Bigender, Genderfluid, Nonbinary Are You Cisgender, Transgender, Genderfluid Or Agender? 10 Questions - Developed by: Genderboy - Updated on: 2021-04-14 - Developed on: 2015-06-22 - 1,033,594 taken - User Rating: 3.9 of 5 - 18 votes - 567 people like i Cisgender is a word that applies to the vast majority of people, describing a person who is not transgender. If a doctor announces, It's a girl! in the delivery room based on the child's.

With this in mind, combining a part of the straight flag into the straight ally flag can be seen as a way for cisgender people to distinguish themselves as outsiders of the LGBTQ community. And at the same time, by incorporating the rainbow flag into the straight flag, this symbolizes the possible harmonious partnership between LGBTQ members. Pride Flag. We call on you to support ALL women (cisgender and transgender) to have a safe space in McIver's Ladies' Baths - Sign and share the petition below! We call on 1. Publish a statement making clear that all people who self-identify as women - cis, trans, surgery or no - are welcome to use the pool. 2 Cisgender: Individuals whose current gender identity is the same as the sex they were assigned at birth. Gay: A person who is attracted primarily to members of the same gender. Gay is most frequently used to describe men who are attracted primarily to other men, although it can be used for men and women A drag queen waves a rainbow flag during a protest in front of the Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest. Credit: AP. Never mind that the demisexual identity can be comfortably claimed by. Ally | A term used to describe someone who is actively supportive of LGBTQ people. It encompasses straight and cisgender allies, as well as those within the LGBTQ community who support each other (e.g., a lesbian who is an ally to the bisexual community)

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Cisgender 5 What is this flag? Pangender Polygender Bigenderflux Trigender Nonbinaryflux 6 What is this flag? Heteroromantic When my flag isn't on here . Spongey (21715) 179 days ago . Answer number 5 is polygender, the flag didn't show up.. A person whose gender is the same or mostly the same as they were assigned at birth

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Cisgender is defined as being a person whose gender identity corresponds with the sex the person had or was identified as having at birth. These TikTok users have also come up with a flag to. To some, that flag only represents small subsections of the LGBTQ+ community — namely, cisgender white men. So from the bisexual Pride flag to the transgender Pride flag to the Philadelphia. Cisgender definition is - of, relating to, or being a person whose gender identity corresponds with the sex the person had or was identified as having at birth. How to use cisgender in a sentence The asexual flag (above) has black, gray, white and purple, all arranged in even horizontal stripes. The demisexual flag (below) has a black triangle shooting out from the left side, a thick white horizontal line on top, a thick gray line on the bottom and a thin purple stripe in the middle Cisgender, as explained in a previous post, is an adjective to refer to anyone whose gender identity matches their sex assigned at birth. Heterosexual, used interchangeably with straight, has been defined by GLAAD as An adjective used to describe people whose enduring physical, romantic, and/ or emotional attraction is to.

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  1. g out. When a person first tells someone/others about their orientation and/or gender identity. D Deadna
  2. Straight Ally Flag Sticker Rainbow Pride heterosexual cisgender LGBT LGBTQ equal. Report item. - opens in a new window or tab. Description. Shipping and payments. eBay item number: 353157941924. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing
  3. Here are a few you might hear: They/them/theirs (Shea ate their food because they were hungry.) This is a pretty common gender-neutral pronoun and it can be used in the singular. In fact, they was voted as the Word of the Year in 2015. Ze/hir/hir (Tyler ate hir food because ze was hungry.) Ze is pronounced like zee can also be.
  4. The Ally Pride Flag is for heterosexual or cisgender people who want to show support to the LGBTQ+ community. It features black and white stripes and a rainbow letter A
  5. Created by sadlesbeandisaster on 3 June 2018. Unveiled at sadlesbeandisaster.tumblr.com Definition Someone, who can be transgender or cisgender, who generally considers themself a woman who is attracted to other women. - The Transgender Language Primer. See the full lesbian definition. Style Guide This flag has 7 even horizontal stripes which are colored (top to bottom
  6. Die Pride Flag für genderqueere und nicht-binäre Menschen wurde 2010 von Marilyn Rose designt. Der lilane Streifen steht für die Mischung von pink und blau - also weiblich und männlich und steht damit für Androgynität, sowie gleichzeitig für das queer in genderqueer, da lila lange die Farbe queerer Menschen war
  7. Their chosen flag features black and white stripes which represent the heterosexual and cisgender community, with an A on top to represent the LGBTQ+ community, as per Wyatt's videos. Read mor
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What does non-binary mean? Non-binary is a word for people who fall outside the categories of man and woman, according to the LGBTQ+ advocacy group GLAAD. Because binary means two, if. The alternate novosexual flag, created by MoonJellyBuniny (aka. Buniny) was created on 8/15/2020. The colors were chosen based on the abrosexual and genderfluid pride flags as to show the link between both fluctuating identities. The flag colors correspond to the following interpretation: Blue: Attraction and identification of masculinit Los términos cisgender (cisgénero) y cissexual (cisexual) fueron utilizados en un artículo de 2006 publicado en el Journal of lesbian studies [Revista de estudios lésbicos] [13] y también en el 2007, en el libro Whipping girl [La azotadora], de Serano, [16] después de lo cual el término ganó cierta popularidad entre los activistas y.

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Support My personal flag twibbon Campaign on Twibbon - my personal flag basically, it's the Non-attraction to cisgender people NO MATTER WHA 'Q' can stand for 'queer' or 'questioning'. and sometimes you may see the acronym written as LGBTQQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning).. Queer means many things. It is an umbrella term for sexual and gender identities that are not heterosexual or cisgender. (lesbian, gay, bi, trans, intersex, pansexual, asexual etc all come under queer umbrella) The transgender flag was designed by trans woman Monica Helms in 1999 and was first shown in a pride parade in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2000. The flag has two blue stripes, the traditional color for baby boys, two pink stripes, the traditional color for baby girls, and a white stripe, representing non-binary, transitioning, and intersex individuals The Rainbow Pride Flag is widely accepted as the most recognizable Pride Flag or Pride symbol internationally. According to Gilber Baker's memoir Rainbow Warrior: My Life In Color, a pink. Something that every straight, cisgender person takes for granted. Pride isn't just about parades and rainbows and flags, it's about what those things symbolise. It's about being seen

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KUALA LUMPUR, July 17 — Both cisgender women and transgender women in Malaysia have high hurdles in openly expressing themselves and the problems they face, according to a recent study by women's rights group Empower Malaysia released today. Titled Freedom of Expression and Gender-Based.. An abbreviation of cisgendered or cissexual heterosexual: a person that identifies as the sex they were born as, and are attracted to people of the sex opposite of theirs, who are usually also cisgendered or cissexual. Mostly used in social justice circles to describe people commenting on LGBT+ matters when they probably shouldn't be

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  1. ation he has faced on account of his sexual orientation — has made him more sympathetic to the plight of members of the community who are.
  2. Genderqueer (GQ) is een overkoepelende term voor genderidentiteiten die niet exclusief mannelijk of vrouwelijk zijn. Andere termen hiervoor zijn non-binair en genderexpansief, een wat verouderd woord is transgenderisme.Een genderqueer identiteit staat los van iemands seksuele voorkeur; genderqueer mensen kunnen alle mogelijke seksuele oriëntaties hebben
  3. The rainbow flag has changed a little since Gilbert Baker created it in 1978. At the time he included eight colors; in 1979, the flag dropped down to six primary-colored stripes: red, orange.
  4. They want the American flag to be a symbol of white supremacy. They want it to reflect Christian extremist views. They want it to exclude others. They're the reason the American flag is no longer a symbol of unity. Them and them alone. I refuse to accept that. No, I don't believe the American flag is a symbol of unity, but I believe it can be

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For years, LGBT has stood for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. Recently the acronym evolved into LGBTQ+ to include the many other non-cisgender and non-heterosexual gender and sexual. ‚Cis' ist das Gegenstück zu ‚trans'. Das Adjektiv ‚cis' wird benutzt, um auszudrücken, dass eine Person sich mit dem Geschlecht identifiziert, dem sie bei der Geburt aufgrund der Genitalien zugewiesen wurde The International Olympic Committee started to allow trans athletes to compete in 2004 - but it wasn't until last month, at the Tokyo Olympics, that openly trans athletes went for gold. Trans and nonbinary athletes like Chris Mosier, Laurel Hubbard and Alana Smith are role models who broke barriers and were celebrated for advancing inclusion in professional sports 513 Dramacoins - Joined 05 July 2021 - 5 Followers - 5 Posts - 61 Comments - PROUD Ojibwe Native and 5/7ths Ghanaian Two-Spirited individual who does not.